Shane Boyar

Full Stack Developer
Based in Richmond, VA

👋 Hi, I'm Shane.
I'm a digital marketer turned full stack developer. In mid 2016 I checked out Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails tutorial and have been coding nonstop ever since. My main focuses are on React and Rails, but i love learning and am constantly experimenting with new things.

Some Things I've Made


I have always had a passing thought that I'd like a nice, little, always-on-top miniplayer for Spotify when I'm working, and so I decided to build one myself. Getting this to work the way I wanted was challenging due to the limitations on the Spotify API, but I'm pretty happy with the end result.


I read this great article by Robin Sloan, which inspired me to build an app intended only to be used by my family. I wanted to experiment with wireframing the app first, which I did in Framer, and then built the whole thing using Expo and Apollo and built the backend with ApolloServer/Sequelize.

React Native Neumorphic

Early 2020, I saw a lot of talk about Neumorphic Design, and so I wanted to see if I could create an HOC that would convert a plain View into a Neumorphic one. I also took the opportunity to learn more about semantic release and CircleCI.

RasPi Photobooth

I built a photobooth for guests to use at our wedding. The code is built to run on a Raspberry Pi, but is written in Ruby as that was the language I was most comfortable with at the time I was making it. It uses the built-in Raspberry Pi camera module and MiniMagick to take three pictures then edits them into a branded photostrip and prints it out. It also takes the three pictures and a branded transparent top layer and turns them into a gif which it then posts to the API added into my wedding website.

Some Books & Classes I’ve Enjoyed

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Michael Hartl

I consider the day I first started working my way through this tutorial as the first day of my life as a developer. It came highly recommended on the LearnProgramming subreddit, and it's entirely deserving of the praise. I really liked how he first shows you how magical Rails can be by showing you that you can get a running app up in a matter of minutes, but then he breaks down each and every facet of Rails over the next dozen or so chapters.

Eloquent Ruby

Russ Olsen

I came to this book because I wanted to really hone up my fundamental Ruby skills after being wowed by the magic of Rails. Each chapter is a rule to live by when it comes to writing great Ruby code. This is what inspired me to try to build the Photobooth using Plain Old Ruby.

Modern React with Redux

Stephen Grider // Udemy

Stephen Grider has been a big part of my coding education. I highly recommend any of his classes. This class really helped me grok redux once and for all. The best thing about Stephen's classes is that he breaks them up into short (usually < 10 minute) chunks which makes it easy to not lose focus. He also does a great job of showing common mistakes that a new developer might fall prey to.

The Complete React Native and Redux Course

Stephen Grider // Udemy

This was the first Grider course I took and also my first real introduction to modern Javascript. I definitely struggled with parts of it at first, but Stephen does a really good job of walking through each step in depth and in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.

The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp

Stephen Grider // Udemy

I picked up this course on a whim, since people at my office had been talking about Elixir and how fast it can be. It really is a neat language, and combined with the Phoenix framework, presents something really exciting. I hope to stay up to date with the Elixir community, as I'd like to get more experience with it. Again, Stephen Grider made learning a completely new language a breeze.

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